How to be number one on Google

They say the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google. Statistically 90% of people using the search engine will never go past the first page. This is a problem for everyone that needs to drive traffic to their website, but can’t make the first page. There are some options, sign up to paid advertising and appear in the top 3 results of certain search results or pay a digital marketing company a 12 month lock in contract for search engine optimisation (SEO) and hope for the best.

The fact remains that nobody can guarantee you a number one spot on Google. There are too many variables, not to mention Google constantly changing methods (algorithms) in conducting its searches. Google are continually battling forces that are always looking to break the rules and propel their site to number one.

Most people forget that Google, as large as it has grown as a company, is still a search engine at its core. The primary goal of the Google search is provide the best results to match a user’s search. Google indexes the internet and searches pages continually in an effort to serve its customers through providing the best results that it can. However it does this through looking at several factors that makes up your website and one key component is your content.

So how can you get to number one on Google?

  • Be genuine in your content – Outline your story and the services you offer on your website, remember Google wants to provide the best search result for its customers.
  • Select specific search terms – These terms are the ones that you want to match, then build your content around that. Why not create a page dedicated to solving a common problem for your customers? For example a plumber might have a page specifically titled "How to fix a leaking tap" – imagine the traffic that this could drive to the site.
  • Identify keywords – Select keywords that describe your business, for example web design, development, and use them throughout the content as much as possible. The skill here is to repeat them as often as possible, while making the content an enjoyable reading experience for the user.
  • Check out the competition - Look at your competitions website. If someone is offering the same services that you provide, but they rank above you, visit their site. Pay special attention to their content and try to identify the keywords repeating throughout.
  • Create your own content – While this is very time consuming, it doesn’t pay to copy and paste from other websites, Google recognises plagiarised content and has a record of who created the content first.
  • Create some video content – Google likes to serve customers with the best results and adding multimedia like a video or images can help boost your ranking.
  • Be the best in the world – Easy right? But the world doesn’t have to be the whole world. If you are a services based company, focus some of your content on your geographic location. In other words be the best in your world.

The best thing about the points above is that they are free to implement. The only cost will be your time in reviewing your content and updating your website if necessary.

While there is no guarantee on being number one on google, there are steps you can take to give your website a fighting chance. If you googled Simplicity Sites, we will be number one and we have simply taken our own advice.

For instance count the number of times we have used the full phrase number one on Google on this page. By repeating the term multiple times, in a readable fashion, I think you can guess the search we are trying answer – number one on Google.

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